Certain Observations on Certain Observations

Hopefully, the full witness list:

Ad BL Additional 4263, fos. 145-66

C1 CUL Add. 7958, fos. 83v-7

C2 CUL Mm.5.5, fos. 66-98

CC Corpus Christi College, Oxford, C.C.C. 200, fos. 80-118v

Cg U. Calgary, Osborne Collection,Accession no. 25/72.1.4, item 1, ff. 1-8v

Ct1 BL Cotton Titus C.VII, fos. 59v-61v

Ct2 BL Cotton Julius F.VI, fos. 164-6v

Eg BL Egerton 3876, fols. 163r-190v

El1 Huntington, EL 34 B 64

El2 Huntington, EL 1604, ff. 51r-86r

Ha1 BL Harley 537, fos. 26-49v, 71r-v

Ha2 BL Harley 859, fos. 39-43

Ha3 BL Harley 6401 fols 1r-64r

Ha4 BL Harley 6854, fos. 203-30v

Hn Huntington, HM 267, 3rd series, ff. 1-27v

Hw1 Hardwick 51, item 7

Hw2 Hardwick 55, ff. 86r-127r (item 7)

I Inner Temple, Petyt 538, Vol. 39, no.1, pp. 1-57

K Meisei U., Kodama Library Crewe MS, pp. 1-58

L University of London Library, 312, fos. 198-231

Lm Lambeth Palace 2076

NA NA SP 12/242/18 — fair draft of an intended introduction.

57 Resuscitatio ed. Rawley

The “long” version of OL is found in the following:

Ad El1 El2 Ha1 [incomplete] Ha3 Ha4 Hn Hw1 I K Lm 57

The “short” version of OL is found in the following [at least]

C1 [incomplete] CC Eg L

An ‘epistle to the reader’, possibly written for OL is in


In addition,

Ct 1 contains section 2 only

Ct 2 contains part of section 4, and all of section 6 only

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