Elegancies miscellany

This is the unpublished Bacon manuscript at Princeton (MS AM 21463) a collection of bon mots and jests closer to his Apophthegms than to the Promus. This is an unchecked transcription I took in 1994:


[different hand:] L. Chancellour<s>

Bacon’s hand.

Elegancies miscellany.

Apr. 22. 1601.


All art no Hart.


After separation, reparation.


Once amisse never amended.


I serve your Maiestie by care and not by call.


Sir Henry Sidney asked by Packnam his advise whither he should take his wife again from Bourne with 500l answered in so doing hee mought doe that which Others Could not <to> doe, for hee mought wear his hornes gilt, whereas others wore them plaine


Nay yf you tell me once a thing was prophecied of before it was doon I allwaies misdout it after it <illeg> is doone


As much difference between a mayde and a wydowe as between omicron and omega.


My Lord Keepers tale of the wager how many dogges between charing Crosse and the Crosse in cheap, and when skarse a dogge had been seen till paules church yarde, then the fellow that [illegible lossed] no in a chafe flong a stone at one dogge that cryed and drew so many dogges foorth as lost the wager




[another hand:] L. Chancellour’s Bacon’s hand


A justice of peace in Chessire [illegible or lacuna?] forbadd a marbett [?] woman to sell her butter with Crosses of rosemary, and the same woman being his tenant excused the not payeng of rent, because she could find him out no mony but such as had Crosses


The deafe fellow that would sing as long as another moued his lippes.


The deaf fellow that resorted to plaies and had his frend ever by him to tell him the jest, and so hee ever laughed while the people had doon laughing, and the people vpon him againe


The preest that Construed Curæ minores loquuntur ingentes stupent, that small Cures make a man preach but great ones stoppe his mouth.


My Lady Trentham to Sir Water Ralegh

Is the pigg served Madame I thinke you haue broke your fast.


The same Lady when Sir Matthew Arundell shewd her his study dressed with pictures of naked women, asked what he did with those rawe pictures.


[pencil note: Life 4.10]

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